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Vision 2030: why we believe in it so much that we are opening an office in the United Arab Emirates

Overview of the Vision 2030 project

The Vision 2030 project is an ambitious transformation plan initiated by the Saudi Arabian government to reform and diversify the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by 2030. Launched in 2016 by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Vision 2030 aims to reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil revenues by creating new economic opportunities through a series of initiatives and reforms.

At the heart of Vision 2030 are several strategic pillars that will drive the transformation of the Saudi economy. These include a strong commitment to economic diversification, innovation, private sector development and infrastructure development. This ambitious project aims not only to strengthen the Saudi economy, but also to create an investment-friendly environment that attracts businesses and capital from around the world.

The Vision 2030 reforms are not limited to the economic sector, but also include social and cultural changes. The aim is to modernise Saudi society by promoting diversity, gender equality and the active participation of youth in decision-making. This holistic approach reflects the ambition to transform Saudi Arabia into a global economic and cultural powerhouse.

In addition, Vision 2030 has opened up new opportunities for international businesses, providing a fertile ground for expansion and collaboration. It has launched a number of initiatives focused on attracting foreign investment and facilitating the active participation of small and medium-sized global companies in the priority sectors identified in the plan.

In summary, Vision 2030 represents a bold vision for the future of Saudi Arabia, aiming to radically transform its economy and society. Its impact extends beyond the country’s borders and offers significant opportunities for companies wishing to participate in this extraordinary period of development and growth.

Contextualising the importance of the Middle East as an emerging market for SMEs

In the global economic landscape, the Middle East is increasingly emerging as an important and fast-growing region for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Its strategic location, abundant natural resources and targeted economic diversification efforts make it an emerging market that offers significant opportunities for smaller businesses.

Increasing political stability and targeted investment in infrastructure have helped transform the Middle East into an increasingly business-friendly environment. The region’s economies are evolving rapidly, shifting from a traditional reliance on natural resources to sectors such as tourism, technology, renewable energy and manufacturing. This diversification creates fertile ground for SMEs, which often excel in innovation and rapid adaptation to changing market needs.

A key element to consider is the growing purchasing power and expanding middle class in the Middle East. This phenomenon not only stimulates domestic demand, but also provides opportunities for SMEs to offer innovative products and services to an increasingly sophisticated and consumer-oriented population.

In addition, many Middle Eastern countries are implementing pro-business policies and tax incentives to attract foreign investment and develop a vibrant business environment. This creates an ideal environment for SMEs wishing to expand beyond their national borders, benefiting from a range of government facilities and support.

The Middle East’s geostrategy, with its central location between Europe, Asia and Africa, makes it a major trading hub. Its ever-expanding infrastructure network, including ports, airports and road links, facilitates regional and international trade and offers SMEs access to a diverse and growing market.

In summary, the importance of the Middle East as an emerging market for SMEs lies in its rapid development, diversification opportunities and business-friendly environment. The region represents an exciting playground for companies looking to expand globally and actively participate in one of the most dynamic chapters of the global economy.

Our decision to open an office in the UAE underlines our confidence in the region’s prosperity.

Our decision to open an office in the UAE is a significant and considered step, driven by our inherent confidence in the ever-growing prosperity of the Gulf region. This announcement demonstrates our commitment to being an integral part of one of the most dynamic and diverse markets in the Middle East.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its combination of political stability, advanced infrastructure and pro-business policies, has established itself as a strategic option for companies looking to expand. The decision to establish a physical presence underlines our confidence in the region’s growth potential and opportunities.

The UAE’s economic prosperity is reflected in the diversification of its sectors, including energy, tourism, technology and finance. This diversity offers companies like ours the opportunity to participate in a growing economy, serve a wider range of needs and build long-term partnerships.

The decision to open an office in the UAE is driven by the intention to actively participate in Vision 2030 and provide a local reference for our clients. Our new entity will act as a local bridgehead for Business Development Centre clients. Being an integral part of this ambitious vision not only positions us strategically, but also commits us to contributing to the sustainable growth of the region.

In conclusion, the announcement to open an office in the UAE is a tangible sign of our confidence in the region’s promising economic dynamics and growth opportunities. We look forward to actively contributing to the UAE’s vibrant business community and building a future of success and mutual cooperation.

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